"What I love about content is it has the power to change people’s lives for a second or for a day or forever. Great content creates space for people to pause and reflect,
and that space is where transformation happens."

Jolie Miller

Learn why I create and why I want to help you create too:

Somewhere between the time I first saw Oprah Winfrey on daytime television and proclaimed that my 3rd-grade teacher was my shero, I always engaged in a constant debate with myself about becoming a media professional or teacher. As a child, I only believe there was one option; however, when I grew up, I learned that you should never limit yourself to just one possibility.

Rule #1: Don't put yourself (or your content) in a box.

By some convenient form of fate, I've been able to live two versions of my childhood fantasy careers, amongst other new millennium career roles that deepened my skill and love for all things digital. During my journey, I quickly let go of my childhood philosophy of one life = one career, and organically evolved with a world that is more open to coloring outside of the lines to find your calling. While teaching and media share it's differences and similarities; the single most important thing both careers taught me is to:

Rule #2: Create relevant, actionable, and witty (RAW) content that adds value to others and makes them feel an emotion.

When others positively take action or obtain something you created - a social media post, ebook, podcast, course, planner, etc -- you've done your job. The byproduct of creating valuable content is creating a chain reaction of emotions and this is where many people

often miss the mark because they want to keep up with the Joneses. After working with clients over the years, time after time I hear:

"Can you make my website look exactly like [insert name of competitor]?

"Maybe I should create a online challenge because [insert name of instagram page you've been lurking on] is doing it."

"I love what [such and such] is doing. Can we recreate it?"

 "Imitation may be flattering, but it gets lost in the sea of 5,000+ messages we are exposed to everyday."

For me, it's not about making the most content or the best; it's about creating something that resonates and adds value to someone's life. Content marketing is more than just creating a beautiful brand and being consistent, it's about raising the bar in someone's life through the information, inspiration, and stories that the world needs to hear from you. While many of us have the same intent through what we do, the true power lies in using our unique voice to convey the information. People may hear the same information 99 times, but the way you say it can spark them to move.

Rule #3: Quality is better than quantity. 

The pressure to create is tough. I get it. The people you want to reach consumes content faster than you can create it, leaving you in one of these three scenarios:

  • check
    Content Paralysis: You are so overwhelmed by making content and putting it on digital platforms that you freeze and ultimately create nothing because your mind goes blank. 
  • check
    Content Support: You are confident at creating by yourself but are at a place where you can no longer create things on your own. You need content support so you can focus on growing and scaling your brand.
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    Content Domination: You can create for yourself and also create for others. Freebies and YouTube videos have gotten you this far, but now you want to take your content creation and distribution skills to another level.

That's where I come in.

Content is the name of my game and I want to help you master it through strategy, creation, and distribution. I've developed more than 20,000 pieces of content for nearly a decade for public figures, established companies, startups, brands, and influencers. My background in digital media is not just rooted in strategy -- I get in the trenches and produce podcasts, videos, blogs, digital (and physical) products, engaging websites to help you reach people with your message, personality, and value. I don't believe in creating for the sake of being seen; I help you analyze your current offerings and strategize with you on how to put out content that solves a problem.


Creating content doesn't have to be scary, hard, or complicated. Drop me a line to learn how I can partner with you to get it done and get your message out into the world.

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